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Girls Can Code

A girl is who and what she wants to be

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Girls Can Code initiative is focused on supporting and encouraging girls to explore technology, through a series of real-life projects, themed workshops, coding clubs, leadership classes, work opportunities as well as scholarships for tech boot camps.

For Teachers and Schools

We can organize robotics and sustainability workshops in your class.
Just contact us using the form below and let us know about your interests and initiatives.
We are definetely engaged in working with you and in helping you introduce girls to technology!


Everything starts with a mission

Girls are curious, capable and creative.

Every girl deserves to take part in directing and creating technology which is shaping our world.
Our goal is to close the gender gap which currently looms over both the tech industry and engineering universities, and to empower girls to fulfill their potential with an understanding of our digital world desire to learn.

Girls Can Code mission is to provide nurturing and supporting environment where girls can explore different opportunities in the digital world by working closely with inspiring university students and industry professionals on real-life projects.

Our approach provides girls with opportunities to shape tomorrow's digital world by working on meaningful impact projects worldwide, while learning important digital skills.

Cours de science et technologie

Our activities focus on three pillars

We organize clubs, workshops and tech boot comps to introduce and support girls on their journey to becoming digitally proficient

Girls benefit of Tech Talks  from industry professionals who coach them on digital and soft skills to equip girls with the tools to not only understand, but lead the tech  the tech industry (pitching, strategising, design, marketing)

Students, professionals and girls partner together on real life projects that are sponsored by other STEM or industry partners to practice acquired skills and make a real difference. Check out our Apulia Project.