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Big success of the Discovery Bus in Sullens (VD)

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

On Friday, 17 December 2021, 42 kids visited the Discovery Bus (free event) in Sullens and 23 girls played with all kinds of technology. Guided by the Girls Can Code and AddictLab volunteers and instructors, they learned good strategy to search on Google, general computer science knowledge, programmed NAO designing themselves the show to play, learned how a drone is made, laser-carved their name on a Christmas decoration, defeated a wale immersed in a 3D virtual ocean using smart strategies, and ... and ... and....

Kids were so excited that insisted to come back next day. The city hall accorded Girls can Code one more half-day of parking + facilities and next day another 10 girls showed up to self-park a drone, program sphero and thymio, 3D print their preferred character, and...and....and.

All kids were given a nice technology gift to mount and play with at home + the christmas decorations they built on the bus.

We are now asked to organize a big event for next year, planned months in advance to include as well the schools and go deep into technology. :-)

A big thank you to Hasler Stiftung for sponsoring this event, a super thank you to AddictLab to have helped bringing the bus in Sullens and a hearthly thank you to our volunteers Sandra, Karolina, Kilian, Sarah and Heinz, the association SullenS'anim' and the Sullens city hall.

But for now, the bus is hitting the road, for the next adventure ... Zug! Get ready!

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