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Discovery Bus

Discovery Bus

This is the Girls Can Code Bus that makes the tour of the entire Switzerland in order to engage girls of age 8 to 18 years old into technology and computer science topics, entrepeneurship and marketing.


On the bus, you will have the opportunity to learn and participate to some of the available courses, you will experience and practice new technologies such as 3D printers, drone and robot programming, virtual reality and more.


This is a free initiative open to all girls with age 8+. Boys are also welcome!


Please, reserve your place now. You will be contacted when the bus comes close to the place where you live or near your school.

  • Meet NAO

     Nao is a 60-cm tall robot that can be programmed to execute all kind of actions: tell a story, play guitar, play football or simply take a walk hand-in-hand. After a small show played by Nao, the girls will be introduced to the “block programming” technology. They will learn how to make Nao move, speak and play. We will end the workshop dancing together!

  • The cinema stage

    Girls will be invited to pose and take pictures of their day at the Discovery Labs. A drone will complete the picture repertoire with a great view from above. First challenge: all pictures will be collected in one place to provide the material for the movie. Once the first challenge is over, girls will learn and experiment available tools to create one of the best digitally edited movie of their life in simple steps.

  • My Website at the bus

    Hey Girls! The movie is ready. But we need to show it to your friends once the bus is gone. And maybe make it available on Instagram or TikTok! It would be supercool! Maybe we want to explain what a cool day we have together. Let’s make a web site. There are tools out there that let you do that very quickly. We can check a couple together and create a quick web site. You can try yourself at home or right here with us if you have a laptop. Let’s start.

  • Is this real?

    With the help of a virtual reality headset, the girls will visit their website and checkout the drone fly from high up. They will experience how to operate a virtual headset and what possibilities this provides.

  • Here’s your memory

    With the help of a 3D printer or a wood laser cutter, girls will shape their own souvenir of such an exciting experience at the Discovery Bus..

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