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Impact Lab

Impact Lab

Girls & women join forces to make a difference! Participants collaborate to
develop and realize a solution to one of our Impact Projects.
Impact Projects can be nominated by anyone via our website and are reviewed by Girls Can
Code committee and Impact Lab participants for implementation. Once a project is identified,
we involve all our girls in building a realization strategy and work together to develop a


    In this Lab, the girls will familiarize themselves with Design Thinking techniques to design all aspects of the website that will constitute the first entry point to the responsible vacation digital platform. They will learn to identify the key “personas” that would need to use the platform, the different needs depending on the specific role and the several backend functionalities the platform would need to provide. Furthermore, non-functional and maintenance requirements will also be considered. The tools used are Mural as a collaboration tool and MockPlus for prototyping.


    This is the place where girls will learn how to build a website from scratch, including the creation of a logo and some of the rules to consider when designing a site. Wix is a very powerful tool that allows to build sites very quickly with various effects that makes it fun for a user to experience. The basic building blocks of Wix will be explored, including the connection with a backend Database. Given a basic website, the participants will be asked to collaborate and develop the missing pieces as identified during the Design Thinking Labs.


    This lab is highly technical and addressed to girls who love to go deep in technology exploration and actively code. Here they will learn the basics of databases: tables, indexes, joins, etc. The concept of a service will be introduced in order to build the engine behind the scenes that will allow the digital platform to efficiently operate while storing needed information. Given the main tables, the participants will be asked to enrich the tables with needed columns, define the main indexes and starting from basic services, enhance them or design new ones, as per requirements defined during the Design Thinking and Wix Labs.


    Our product is now ready to go. What are the techniques to make it known? To attract farmers to offer their responsible vacation at their farms and describe how a typical day would look like? How can they attract clients to visit their farm? How do clients get to know the platform so that they can book their vacation? How can we compete with big booking companies? In this Lab, participants will contribute with their ideas, test the feasibility and engage into action with specific campaigns through established network social media and publicity campaigns. As part of this lab, digital photography and movie making will also be discovered and used for the purpose of promoting the region and what it has to offer in a visual, more dynamic way

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