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Our Team.

Our team includes girls like you, professionals from several industry sectors, university teachers, and more. All motivated and with one mission: compensate the gender gap in the digital entrepreneurs world.

The Board

Executive Committee and Regional Managers

Volunteers and Instructors

Girls Can Code is supported by the Credit Suisse Volunteering Program

Join us


Would you like to join our team? Are you motivated to help us accomplish our mission or simply spend some of you free days immersed in technology and surrounded by girls who will challenge you? We would like just to hear from you. 



Are you an industry professional or a master/PhD student? Are you technically strong or an expert in digital marketing? Do you like to teach your passion or coach girls motivated to learn?  We are just waiting for you. 

Jobseeker or job offer

Are you technically skilled and looking for a short term job or an internship? Or is your company seeking  for volunteering opportunities for employees? Or do you have a short term job to offer to one of our girls to put into practice what they have learned with us?

Please, contact us as soon as you can! 

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